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Any person who is likely to establish or take any steps to establish any Industrial Plant or process or any treatment and disposal system or any extension or addition which is likely to discharge sewage or trade effluent into any stream or well or sewer or on land has to obtain consent of the Board.

Similarly any person who is likely to establish or operate any industrial plant in any air pollution control area (Entire Karnataka is declared as air pollution control area) is not permitted to discharge or cause or discharge the emission of any air pollutant in excess of the standards laid down by the State Board. These emissions shall be with prior consent of the State Board.

New Industry

All the entrepreneurs before establishing an industry have to obtain consent for establishment. The following information /documents have to be furnished for obtaining Consent for Establishment:

  1. Prescribed application form I & XIII- can be download from Board website (http://kspcb.gov.in/downloadableforms.html) or available free of cost from any of the offices of the Board in triplicate along with prescribed consent fee.
  2. Project report
  3. Land possession certificate/shed possession
  4. EIA & EMP reports
  5. Water & material balance
  6. Location map
  7. Proposed pollution control measures for controlling water pollution, solid waste, hazardous waste, Air pollution
  8. Layout map

Consent for Existing Industries

Once the industry is established, for operating the same, the entrepreneurs have to apply for consent in prescribed forms under water (Form I) & Air (Form XIII) Acts separately along with the following documents:

  1. Form I and Form XIII
  2. Audited balance sheet
  3. Environmental Statement
  4. Prescribed consent fee in the form of DD

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